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Bringing your store to customers

GETONIC revolutionizes the online shopping experience by reversing the flow of commerce: Instead of waiting for buyers to visit, browse, and hopefully choose from your products, you actively distribute your products to your followers’ social feeds, each within its own portable storefront called a POPshop. Instantly create as many POPshops as you need to sell your physical products, virtual wares or a combination of the two. Build momentum by distributing your shops as often – and as targeted – as you can.

Turn fans into promoters

Have you heard? The best sales and marketing tool is, and has always been, word of mouth.

Take that time-tested strategy to the next level with social selling: utilizing the power of your fans' social networks to drive sales. Tap into your fan base with referral marketing programs to identify your customer advocates and provide incentives for promoting your offers and bringing in sales.

The key? Trust. Your promoters use their product passion and personal connections to reach their own friends, fans and followers, expanding your reach while benefiting from our straightforward incentives program.

And it's a win-win: you stand to gain increased sales and a larger customer advocate data base while your promoters receive commissions for sharing exclusive deals with their networks.

Create instantly and sell socially

  • Create your fully customizable POPshop in seconds: Include a preview of the product, payment capabilities and a built-in incentives program.
  • Spotlight your offer on social networks: Share your individual POPshops with your fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs and email, where they can instantly view and purchase.
  • Boost the viral effect: Your fans and followers become promoters when they share your POPshops with their own networks, automatically earning commissions for successful sales.

Give your existing e-store a social life

Already run your own e-store? Pump up your sales with our Share To Earn feature: Easily create individual POPshops for each of your products! Then simply add GETONIC’s Share To Earn buttons directly onto your site. When your e-store visitors click a Share To Earn button for any product, they’ll be prompted to sign in and instantly enroll in your incentives program. As official promoters, your biggest fans can share your POPshops directly in their social feeds to earn commissions from sales generated.

Simple, no-hassle payments

All financial transactions are handled quickly, seamlessly and securely through PayPal or credit card. Our system collects payments on your behalf, distributes commissions to your promoters (as relevant) and delivers your income on a monthly basis.

If you are selling digital goods, hosting and delivery is taken care of through GETONIC. For physical items, we provide detailed order documentation to assist with product delivery.

Optimize every offer – over and over again

Our POPShops are a dynamic tool, supplying you with the opportunity to experiment instantly, at any time, with images, videos, descriptive text, and price points. Take advantage of the power to adjust your commission offerings so you can pinpoint what it takes for your fans to promote and sell your products.

Explore enterprise solutions

For more details, go to our Enterprise solution page or simply contact us.

Join GETONIC Affiliation Program and start earning today

GETONIC is a unique social commerce platform enabling small businesses to sell their digital or physical products directly inside their fans' social feeds.

GETONIC is offering you an opportunity to earn additional income by promoting the service to all of your website traffic and social communities!

GETONIC Campaign Benefits:
-    Receive up to 50% commission per customer paid subscription
-    Performance Tiers & Customized Campaigns are available
-    Cookie Duration: 60 days!

Why promote GETONIC?
-    Annual subscriptions are easy to sell with the annual price is 50% off compared to monthly fee
-    Above industry standard conversion rate for new users
-    Best Value for Money among social ecommerce platforms

GETONIC invites you to share its success
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